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"The invisible city is in the course of construction and grows..."

The museum "Literary Life of the Urals of the XX Century" (Proletarskaya St., 10, tel. 371-05-91).
The exhibition works from September, 29 till December 1, 2015.

In the 1930th Prishvin was fond of photography and sought to seize this art in perfection. On account of the fee for translations of his literary works into German he received the portable camera "Leyka" from Germany. In 1931 Prishvin arrived to Sverdlovsk with this camera to write a sketch about Uralmashplant for the magazine "Our Achievements".

After the trip Prishvin wrote nothing. He could not "master" what he had seen there. He returned from Sverdlovsk with painful impressions. Prishvin "was deafened by damned life of Sverdlovsk". But after the trip he left diaries and photos.

At the exhibition there are about 60 unique photos of Sverdlovsk of 1931 representing city sketches of Prishvin. Diaries of the writer will become annotations for the exhibition.

The exhibition is included into the program of the III Ural Industrial Biennial.



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