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Not only by a fairy-tale

Museum "Literary Life of the Urals of the XIX Century" (Tolmacheva St., 41, tel. 371-22-81).
The exhibition works since June, 1 till December 15, 2015.

The exhibition "Not only by a fairy-tale" is devoted to the 200th anniversary of the kind children's storyteller and teacher Petr Pavlovitch Yershov. Each of us since the early childhood knows the fairy tale about cheerful Ivan the Fool and his loyal friend - a small Konek-Gorbunok, about Tsar-Maiden and a silly tsar, about Wonder Whale Fish and a firebird feather bearing death. But the destiny of the writer is almost unknown to general public, as well as other his works. And after all he lived near us (by Russian measures of that time) - in Tobolsk, and he was born even closer - near Ishim. With many well-known contemporaries he crossed over on his literary way and in his life journey. Among them there are Pushkin A.S., Zhukovsky V.A., decembrists Kuchelbecker V. K., Pushchin I. I., the chemist Mendeleyev D. I., the composer Alyabyev A. A.

At the exhibition visitors will be able to see various editions of the well-known fairy tale - both ancient and absolutely new, to learn about realities of the old Tobolsk gymnasium with which the author was closely connected for all his life, to get acquainted with Yershov all over again - as with the most interesting Russian writer working in different genres, the writer whose literary destiny developed very tragically.



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